Details Determine Success or Failure

From : clirik    Date : 2014-09-27 09:21
Many Raymond mill Manufacturer do not focus on details so that their products quality are poor.But our Clirik believe details determine success or failure. Today we will remind you the details we should pay attention to Raymond mill.

1, Before installing Raymond mill site, should be properly kept it, exposed surfaces are coated with anti-rust oil, and avoid the sun and rain, to prevent rusting water body, to establish maintenance system.

2, Plant and infrastructure should be installed according to Raymond mill foundation drawing enough height dimensions and mounting position, Raymond mill foundation should be of high standard and be buried in cement before being poured reinforced base and be buried conduit or cable trench . After pouring the cement foundation, there must be 15 days of the maintenance period.

3, It should be equipped with 2 to 3 tons lifting tool for installation and maintenance with Raymond. 

4, Raymond mill from the factory to use for longer than six months, the central axis of the host system, gear, roller device, analysis of oil pools should be cleaned inspection, cleaning After checking to deal with the various components add enough oil. 
Now Raymond mill manufacturer competitive more fierce. Shanghai Clirik company as the industry leader, not only from a marketing innovation, but also pay special attention to come out on top in the other details, such as innovative service model, the user would like to think, fight for the interests of users, to obtain absolute trust of users. We will give the user the use of physical pleasure brought feelings, bring rigorous, professional, caring, attentive service, enabling users to get the overall strength and for Raymond mill manufacturer have a profound understanding.

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