How Analysis Machine Control Raymond Mill Powder Fineness

From : clirik    Date : 2014-09-03 09:07
As we know, the powder fineness of Raymond mill is adjustable. The analysis machine is key point to control equipment flour fineness. Raymond mill processing materials fineness I introduced between 30-425 mesh,  and the user can adjust the fineness depend on their requirements. 
Raymond mill
So, how the analysis machine control Raymond mill powder fineness? Analysis machine and drives the blades are rotating turntable by two slow speed motor by forming powder pink child's role. These blades speed control the fineness of Raymond mill powder fineness. 
If you want to get the finer powder, it is necessary to improve the analysis of turbine blade speed, so that increased contact with the powder, then the powder is undesirable leaves thrown out of the outer wall and the air, thick pink child because of gravity falling into the grinding chamber role reground. 
If Raymond mill users want to adjust the degree of grinding fineness, they should to simultaneously analyze machine and adjust the fan speed to achieve optimum production results. The best is to be adjusted in the factory under the guidance of technical personnel, not arbitrarily adjust the fineness of Raymond mill powder fineness.
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