YGM9517 raymond mill and pulverizer difference

From : clirik    Date : 2019-08-05 16:33
The most important difference between YGM9517 Raymond mill and pulverizer is the requirement of grinding materials. Most customers can't distinguish between YGM9517 Raymond mill and pulverizer, which is easy to cause improper purchase. In fact, in the mining machinery, the use of the YGM9517 raymondmill is still relatively extensive, but in agricultural farming and animal husbandry, it is still used by the pulverizer. Knowing the difference between these two kinds of equipment, customers will not make mistakes when purchasing products.
YGM9517 raymond mill
Some users who are unfamiliar with the milling equipment industry may not know much about the Raymond mill and the crusher, and they don't know the difference. Some users even want to buy a Raymond mill, but they buy a crusher and regret it.. What is the difference between a Raymond mill and a pulverizer?
The pulverizer is a machine that pulverizes a large-sized solid raw material to a desired size. The pulverizer can be classified into a coarse crusher, a medium crusher, a fine mill, and an ultrafine mill depending on the size of the scraped or shredded material. The external force applied to the solid during the pulverization process is pulverized, sheared, impacted, and ground. Common pulverizers include ultrafine pulverizers, air pulverizers, jet mills, ultrafine pulverizers, ultrasonic pulverizers, and the like. It can also be divided into traditional Chinese medicine pulverizers, plastic pulverizers, feed pulverizers, document pulverizers, ore pulverizers, etc. according to functional characteristics.
YGM9517 Raymond Mill is a kind of milling machine imported from abroad, and it is currently produced in China. The Raymond mill has industrial mill, grain mill, laboratory mill, plastic mill, metal mill, etc., and then divided into large and small, the key is to see what materials the user needs to grind. , fineness, output and other requirements to determine which mill equipment to use.
raymond mill
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