Reasons of High Pressure Raymond Mill Gear Transmission Expiration

From : clirik    Date : 2017-12-07 08:48
In the running process of high pressure Raymond mill, the gear transmission expiration is one of the most common problems. Once the Raymond mill gears fail to work, it will seriously influence the normal working process and then lower the working efficiency of the whole Raymond mill production line. What leads to the gear transmission expiration?

Raymond mill

1.Due to the special working environment of high pressure Raymond mill, the gear transmission will be seriously polluted by the powder and particles. The short of lubricating oil added to the gear and badly-polluted lubricating oil will cause the gear expiration.

2.After the gear transmission running for a long time, the axis of small gear and the grading cylinder axis of Raymond mill will be uneven, which will cause part gear engagement. If the gears are unevenly stressed , the gear axis will be twisted and out of the shape.

Raymond mill

3.Generally speaking, there exists concentrated stress in the gears of Raymond mill. When the top of the gear enters into the meshing state, the surface of the gear will form original cracks under the over shearing strength. In the revolving process of gears, the high pressure oil wave will enter into the cracks at a rapid speed, which will cause strong fluid impact on crack walls.

4.The load bearing time of assistant single gear will be greatly prolong, which is the most important factor to lead to gear transmission expiration. While lower overlap ratio will definitely cause larger gear backlash, thus the impurity, flotsam and dust will be easier entered into the gear, which will lead to the abrasive particle damage.

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