How does Raymond mill is applied to power plant desulfurization?

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Why is the power plant need desulfurization?

The desulfurization of the power plant is a hot discussion in recent years. Since humans enter industrial production, learn to use electricity to carry out production activities, and they have paid heavy costs while enjoying technology.
The sulfur generated during the power generation process is one of the main pollution sources of air. The sulfur is highly corrosive and the water vapor mixing in the air has strong corrosive, and the sulfur in the air will cause a series of diseases. Emissions on sulfur content in the exhaust gas of the power plant are issues that global power plants should pay attention to.

power plant desulfurization

How does Raymond mill use for the desulfurization of the power plant?

The Raymond mill and the desulfurization process have no direct contact, but they have a common embarrassment, which is to start from the desulfurization process of the power plant.
The entire circulating process of the power plant exhaust measuring, absorbent, absorbing tower, desulfurion recirculation, dust collector and control system, etc., and the lime powder plays an important role in desulfurization, lime powder and flue gas The sulfur dioxide reaction forms calcium sulfate and carbon dioxide, and calcium sulfate is crystallized into a solid gypsum. At this time, the sulfur dioxide in the flue gas becomes a solid gypsum from the flue gas.

The chemical reaction process is as follows:
Limestone high temperature decomposition: CaCO3 == (high temperature) == CaO + CO2 ↑
Combination of calcium oxide and sulfur dioxide: CaO + SO2 == (high temperature) == CaSO3
The desulfurization process of the lime powder power plant is a more mature study in global desulfurization project, and can also obtain desulfurized plaster for use in desulfurization. It can be described as two-game, deeply powered by the power plant.
A large amount of lime powder is required in desulfurization as a desulfurizer. The grinding of limestone powder needs to use ore mills such as Raymond mill.
Limestone powder having a fineness of 325 mesh can achieve desulfurization effect. Select a general Raymond mill to process this fineness of limestone powder. If the output is high, high-pressure roller mill or ultrafine mill can be selected. Both lime powder and cooked stone gray powder in the power plant, and the calcium oxide powder is more ideal than the calcium carbonate effect, but the calcium oxide powder needs high temperature calcination to obtain the use of customers to select decisions according to the actual situation.

Raymond Mill for desulfurization agent limestone powder

Does the power plant need to be equipped with Raymond?

Power plant desulfurization agents are self-sufficient or outsourced.


1. Processing of the power plant desulfurizer must be used to use grinding devices such as limestone mill, which requires certain equipment costs for power plants, and also need to be equipped with corresponding plant, workshops, and operators are all cost issues considered. ;
2. Limestone raw materials need to purchase themselves, there will be a lot of problems and trouble in procurement, and special sectors are needed.
The operation is specialized, and the power plant workers do not have to be skilled in the operation of the mill, requiring full-time personnel management, which gives a certain burden on the operation of the company.


1. The desulfurizer self-contained can be greatly guaranteed, from raw material procurement to production and processing to investment to the desulfurization process, using the entire change, it can be controlled in place. After all, the ideal desulfurization is the ultimate goal, while the quality of lime powder is critical;
2. Although the designs of the desulfurizer production department is troublesome, it is convenient for its own sector management, and the exquisite partner is difficult to master;
3. Not affected by external desulfurization agents, raw materials self-processing self-processing, for a large amount of power plant customers, in fact, the cost is not increased, but will save a lot of expenses for purchasing finished desulfurization agents.
At today's electricity production, power plants have long been an irreplaceable place. Especially in countries with rich coal resources, there are many thermal power plants that need desulfurizons, and many power plants will choose their long-term development model. Moreover, the Raymond mill is not a big project for the power plant. Considering long-term development issues, CLIRIK recommends that the power plant produces a desulfurizer. 
For some small power plants, the desulfurization agent is small. This situation CLRIK recommends that you have a desulfurizer out of order, but choose a cooperative enterprise must be reliable, and the lime powder purchased needs to be tested.
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