The Development Prospect for Petroleum Coke Processed by Raymond Roller Mill

From : clirik    Date : 2017-08-22 10:05
Can Raymond roller mill process petroleum coke? Before giving an answer to this problem, let me introduce you what is petroleum coke and what’s its application. It is know to us that, we should firstly to be aware of the hardness, moisture and usage of raw materials before choosing a set of grinding mill, only in this way can we choose the most preferential equipment.

Raymond roller mill

What is petroleum coke? It is the product transmitted from heavy oil , which is separated from light oil after the crude oil being distilled. Petroleum coke is mainly applied in aluminium metallurgy, graphite making, carbon product making, silicon carbide products making and fuel making. It is divided into three categories: acicular, sponge and powder. Different type of petroleum coke decides its application according to its performance.

Generally speaking, the petroleum coke powder I have mentioned above is processed by Raymond roller mill because of the small hardness and concentrated product fineness among 200 to 500 mesh. A set of Raymond roller mill can easily grind it into the required size. Firstly, the petroleum coke need to be crushed by stone crusher, then be dried by the dryer, finally be ground by Raymond roller mill and become the petroleum coke powder that suits the customers’ requirements.

Raymond roller mill

After processed by Raymond roller mill, what development prospect the petroleum coke powder will be have? First of all, petroleum coke powder can used to be fuel instead of heavy oil, which could lower 40% of fuel cost. Then it can be applied in calcar, which has wide market and great advertisement value. Actually it could also be used in the fields of thermotechnical equipment.

The vigorously advertisement for petroleum coke can not without the production and process of industrial Raymond roller mill, under which grinding, the finished product will be in good quality and performance. Shanghai Clirik Raymond roller mill is in large capacity, high efficiency and reasonable price. If you are interested welcome to inquiry us. Thank you.

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