2014 Price Fluctuations of Raymond Mill

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 Raymond mill, Raymond roller mill, Raymond mill price:

  In 2013, with the national economy soft landing, the cement industryis continued downturn ,as well the steel industry, and small Raymond mill manufacturers continuely impact, the price of manufacturing simple Raymond mill, Raymond roller mill have declined. Many small factories that fight with the "zero profit". However, in 2014 the economic situation in our country is not so bad as the outside world imagined. our economic situation is smoothly and orderly , new round of investment is coming.
    For the current mill diversification strong market demand, in 2014 the major Raymond mill manufacturers began to adjust the direction of manufacturing to high-performance, low-cost, non-polluting direction, the starting point in line with policy needs, and it is bound to bring new a sales growth. Raymond millRaymond roller millas simple and easy to used equipment, according to statistics by Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd., the sales volume and a 35% increase compared to previous years. because of an increase in the number of orders, the whole prices rose by 8% . Currently, there are a lot of customer orders. Among them, the demand for ultrafine pulverizer and micro powder grinding mill is also increasing.
    Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. is focus on the manufacture Raymond millRaymond roller mill a decade ago, quite well known in the mining industry. Raymond millRaymond roller mill produced using the disc revolution, mill shaft rotation, spring adjustment rod structure, strengthening the squeeze, cut capacity, so as to achieve the ability to strengthen the mill, with a high yield, sub-fine powder, continuous dry milling, the particle size concentrated distribution, fineness continuously adjustable, compact, low power consumption, high efficiency, low power consumption, small footprint, a small one-time investment, easy to install and reliable.

    As a professional Raymond mill manufacturer, Shanghai Clirik launched a series of high-quality, stable performance stone grinding equipments, and provides a variety of high quality accessories,  creative design and installation services.
    If you have any questions about Raymond millRaymond roller mill, Raymond mill price, please contact with us. Your satisfaction is our persuiting.
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