What Should Pay Attention to Using Raymond Mill

From : clirik    Date : 2014-08-09 08:09
      Our company's Raymond mill powder chamber adopts fully enclosed sound structure, which can reduce the working noise,Installing cooling device, and enables the machine temperature to keep in the gentle condition. So, operating a Raymond mill, should pay attention to the following aspect:
      There are a lot of problems of Raymond mill operation that should be noticed.  These problems are classified as three categories: before use, operation, after the end.
Check the operating items: before using the machine whether fasteners are tight, belt have any relaxation. Spindle running direction must be in line with the direction arrow as shown on guard, otherwise it will damage the machine, and may cause personal injury. And then check appliances is complete. Check machine crushing interior presence of impurities, such as metals or suffer knives, should be clear in time.

      The second is in the Raymond mill operation: during operation time may have tiny vibration, should  connect the machine cover handle tighten, prevent accidents. At the same time, operators need to know the humidity of grinding material and the material of all kinds of products, materials into the ground, should pay attention to air humidity and temperature, and changes in atmospheric pressure. Outage should stop before loading, if not continue to use, should be clear pieces inside the machine.

      The last: after checking tool, the screen is damaged or not. Check the roller wear degree. If they are seriously damaged, they need to replaced, or affect productivity. To check whether there is leakage air tank, pipe joint, etc.
      Clirik remind you that when changing the crusher series accessories, you should pay attention to an important things, don't let the sand, or other metal impurities into the accessories, so as not to affect the normal work of the Raymond mill, the life of the machine at the same time also will have a big impact. 

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