How to solve the failure of Raymond mill

From : clirik    Date : 2019-11-04 09:13
The Raymond mill that was bought at a big price was not used for a long time but it was always running poorly and malfunctioning again and again? Not only delays the construction period, but also spends a lot of manpower and material resources. This has caused many investors to complain, so is there any way to avoid it? Xiao Bian specially summed up the points today. After reading these, I believe that you will gain something.
Common faults and causes of Raymond mill
Fault 1: The powder yield is low or no powder, and the yield is low.
Reason: The lock of the locker is not strict enough, and the suction is reversed; the wear of the blade is large, and the material cannot be shoveled.
Fault 2: The finished product is too thick or too fine.
Reason: The blades of the analyzer may be too worn and cannot be analyzed; the air volume of the blower is not adjusted properly.
Fault 3: The machine temperature of the main motor rises, the current rises, and the current of the blower decreases.
Reason: If the feed is excessive, the air duct may be blocked by the stone powder, and the exhaust of the pipeline is not smooth enough to cause the circulating airflow to heat up.
Raymond mill
Fault 4: The sound of the main unit is loud and accompanied by severe vibration.
Reason: The grinding roller and the grinding ring are more severely deformed; the hardness of the stone material is large, resulting in a large impact force; the feeding amount is small or the main machine and the transmission device are different shafts, there is no gap between the two couplings, and the anchor bolts are loose.
Fault 5: The fan generates vibration.
Reason: The blades may be worn out of balance or excessively accumulated; the anchor bolts may be loose.
Fault 6: The grinding roller device is easy to damage the powder bearing.
Reason: Lack of maintenance and cleaning for a long time; damage to the seal or oil cut.
Time-saving and labor-saving Raymond mill daily maintenance small "secret"
In order to save users valuable time, here are some small tips for easy maintenance and maintenance of Raymond Mill.
1. The operator must have a certain level of skill. Before installing the Raymond mill, the operator needs to be trained.
2. After the use of Raymond Mill for a period of time, the wearing parts are inspected and replaced in time, and the bolts need to be carefully inspected before and after use.
3, daily equipped with maintenance tools and grease and accessories, can stop loss in time.
4. The roller device needs to be replaced after more than 500 hours of use, and the rolling bearing must also be cleaned.

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