Which GGBS Raymond Roller mill is more suitable

From : clirik    Date : 2014-09-13 09:45
Two days ago, a processing slag users to call and ask which Raymond mill or Raymond roller mill is more suitable for grinding GGBS. Many people are know that slag is widely applied to the production of high-grade cement concrete, and it general adapts Raymond mill or Raymond roller mill for processing. 
Users pay not high requirement to GGBS finished fineness that usually reach 200 mesh is okay. The fineness of the processing can be suitable by using Clirik GGBS Raymond mill or GGBS Raymond roller mill. Because low slag hardness, and high brittleness, Raymond mill or Raymond roller mill is fully meet the production requirements. 
Our GGBS Raymond mill or GGBS Raymond roller mill’s highest flour fineness can reach about 325 mesh. As the production problems that users concerned about, Raymond mill can solve successfully. Also, the device highest yield can achieve 30 t/h or more. 
Although there are many Raymond mill manufacturers in mining industry, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd will win the future by its reliable quality, stable performance of milling equipment and perfect services. In addition, the user can bring the material to try processing, and then decide whether to buy after know processing capacity by themselves. If any other question of Raymond mill or Raymond roller mill, Please feel free to contact me.
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