Four Reasons of Raymond Mill Low Yield

From : clirik    Date : 2014-08-04 09:06
      Raymond mill (Raymond roller mill) is a grinding equipment widely used in mining, cement plants, chemical plants grinding equipment, and is one of the important equipment of non-metallic mineral processing. These problem of traditional Raymond mill (Raymond roller mill) existence have been plaguing mineral processing companies and Raymond mill manufacturers. These problems are mainly reflected in: 
1. Low product fineness, fineness of ordinary Raymond mill (Raymond roller mill) generally 500 mesh or less, these devices only occupied the lower end of the powder application market. 
2. Mechanical failure rate, power consumption, noise, large emission pollution 
3 low system efficiency, product separation collection system is not ideal, plenty of powder can not be effectively collected and recirculated in the system caused by power waste 
4. Host bellows duct design mistakes into the material in the grinding area larger particles and not enough time comminuted particles are often thrown into the worm box bellows gathered at the tail, and continue to extend forward, gradually reduce the amount of wind so too easy causing traffic jams, no flour or less flour, affecting production. 
      Shanghai Clirik Machine Co., Ltd. possession ultrafine powder processing equipment technology. These issues were thorough technological innovation. To this end we have done a lot of Raymond mill (Raymond roller mill) structure renovation, not only to solve the above problems of Raymond mill (Raymond roller mill), under the same conditions of production increased by 20-30% power, a wide range of product size, dust removal effect is entirely up to the national emission standards.

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