Production and Fineness of Silica Raymond Mill

From : clirik    Date : 2016-10-13 16:37
Silica is a relatively hard stone, mainly used in the chemical industry after processed into fine powder. There are a rich reserves about silica in Shaxi, So it’s will have a lot of customers process the silica by the Raymond mill.

Because of the Silica have a very high hardness, so the wear ring and grinding roller wear is also very serious during the processing. In the daily work, the use of grinding ring and roller material must be the best, so we can process the longest, and the material will be the most too.

Processing of silica used 3r3015 Raymond Mill, then, processing fineness requirements 80-300 purpose, then how much material the machine would come out per hour? Because of the hardness of the stone is high, processing is also difficult. So the output of material about six or seven hundred kilograms per hour, this is the long-term test and use the customer's summary of the actual yield.

Raymond mill

Because of different hardness and the fineness of different processing output is certainly not the same, It need combined with customers’ experience and their material properties, So that we can analyze a more accurate output .

During we use the Raymond Mill processing, if there are the larger raw materials, we must through the crusher to process first, until Raymond Mill can withstand the feed particle size, and then processing. Under normal circumstances, the material hard, it’s not enough that only use the general hammer crusher, you need to use jaw crusher to process, so that it is more appropriate. If the hardness is not high, the other type crusher is entirely possible.

How much the Shanghai General Raymond Mill?

Different types of mill equipment in the technical parameters, prices, etc. are different. Shanghai Clirik will send professional and technical personnel to the customer site visits to the production site, according to site size, material hardness, yield, fineness and other factors tailored to the customer the most suitable equipment model, and then give the appropriate quotation to ensure that customers with minimal investment to get the maximum economic benefits.

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