Can Raymond Mill Process Lime to 200 Mesh

From : clirik    Date : 2014-08-14 09:37
       A few days ago, an user consulted our company that is he need process 200 mesh lime powder, but do not know what kind of equipment better. Due to the low hardness of lime, and 200 mesh is not a very high fineness, so using Raymond mill can meet the requirements. 
     Raymond mill processing range between 50-325 mesh, so that the purpose of processing 200 lime powder is not a problem, the device can process up to 400 mesh and the sieve pass rate is relatively high, whic can reach more than 95%. 
      As for the production aspects, the user no need for worry, Raymond mill production and processing lime powder can reach 10-15 tons per hour production of large equipment will be higher, can reach about 20-25 tons, which can meet the needs of most users . 
       As one of professional Raymond mill manufacturers, the company specializes in producing various types of Raymond mill equipment, processing capacity, stable performance, is lime powder processing device of choice.

      The purpose of processing 200 lime powder, please choose Shanghai Clirik. Also you can come to our factory for a visit to decide whether buy Raymond mill. If any other question of Raymond mill, welcome contact us.

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