New Type Raymond Mill will Come out Soon

From : clirik    Date : 2014-12-16 14:26

In mining industry, there are some same items between grinding equipments and cellphone industry. Just like iphone6, although its high price, a lot of person try to buy them. From iphone3 to iphone6, update pne by one means today's high technology. Of course, the same phenomenon occurs in Raymond mill industry. The Raymond mill (Raymond roller mill) from original 3R to now 7R. Not like cellphone, we do not have those crazy fans, but our new type Raymond mill will bring fresh feeling to customers.

So, the next scientific research object must be 8R Raymond mill. A lot of small manufacturers care about which aspects does 8R Raymond mill better than the formers? Also we concerned if it can enter into the market successfully.

At present, there are five types of Raymond mill (3R/4R/5R/6R/7R). The number is decide by its roller quantity and the dimension of Raymond mill. For example, 4R YGM4121 Raymond mill means there are 4 roller, the height is 210mm, diameter is 410mm. The largest Raymond mill is consist of 7 rollers. Also it presents high powervconsumption and covers larger area, but the output is highest.

We can imagine the 8R Raymond mill's volum is quite huge. Whether this big size equipment can get the favor of market. Welcom customers constantly focus on our website. We will report to you at the first time. Should you have any questions of Raymond mill, please feel free to contact me.

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