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introduction of gypsum
Gypsum is amongst the oldest constructing supplies. Inside the significant pyramid in Gizeh, Egypt (2500 BC) the cobble stones which happen to be applied are connected to one particular another by way of a specific selection of mortar from gypsum in interior walls. At the moment it nonetheless plays a critical component as gypsum machine plaster and hand plaster in the European building market place. When applying gypsum plaster on the wall either by spray machine or by hand a series of operating actions are critical to obtain the preferred smooth surface. That tends to make it quite labor intensive. The 5 to six application methods are performed inside a time span of about 2-3 hours and involve issues like spraying, initially even-out of plaster, paring in the surface, rough finishing (felting) and also the final smooth finishing.

uses of gypsum powder
Gypsum is utilized mostly inside the manufacture of constructing goods – plaster, plasterboards,Gypsum fibreboards and plaster blocks. Demand is principally driven by activity within the construction sector. The worth of building output continues to increase in real terms. Demand for new and refurbished housing is rising and in conjunction together with the demand for new schools, hospitals, offices and shops, there’s certainly probably to come to be increasing demand for Gypsum constructing goods for the foreseeable future.
gypsum powder processing equipments:
>> Jaw crusher: output fineness 10-105mm, capacity 90t/h
>> Hammer crusher: output fineness smaller than 25mm, capacity 45t/h
>> Box-type crusher: input fineness 600-800mm, output fineness smaller than 50mm, capacity 160t/h
>> European coarse powder mill: output size below 3mm, capacity 100t/h
>> YGM high pressure suspension Raymond mill: output size between 15-425meshes
>> HGM three-ring micro powder grinding mill: output size between 200-3000meshes (can be adjusted)

Gypsum Powder grinding mill Production line:
Clirik grinding mill production line is generally composed by main unit (or mainframe), classifier, powder collector, dust cleaner, blower, muffler, sound proof room, crusher (hammer crusher or jaw crusher upon the demand of the clients), bucket elevator, storage hopper, and vibrating feeder.
Operating principle of Clirik Gypsum Powder grinding mill production line:
After crushed by hammer crusher, the large materials become small ones and are sent to storage hopper by elevator, and then evenly sent to the upper distribution plate of the turnplate by vibrating feeder and sloping feeding pipe.
 When the grinding mill is at work, all the grinding rollers are rolling in the ring, and the materials are driven to the edge of the turnplate by the centrifugal force and fall down into the grinding chambers where the materials are repeatedly pressed, crushed and grinded by the rollers.
The high-pressure air blower constantly inhales air within the grinding mill and, in turn,  the airflow with crushed materials are brought to the classifier whose high-speed impeller will screen the airflow: the unqualified particle size will fall and return to the mill for being reground while the qualified particle size mixed with air will go into the cyclone powder collector. Most of the qualified powders will fall and exit from the discharging valve at the bottom; a small proportion of the fine powders, with airflow, moves to the dust cleaner, and clings to the surface of the filter bags. At the same time, the fine powders clinging to the surface fall down by the sudden vibration of the filter bags, which is caused by the instantly ejected high-pressure gas controlled by the pulse valve. The materials from the above two lots are sent by the conveyor at the bottom to get finished powders packed. In addition, filtered clean air will be emitted from the air outlet of muffler in the end.

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