3R and 4R series Raymond Roller Mill, which is better?

From : clirik    Date : 2018-05-07 11:00
3R and 4R Raymond Roller Mill are two series that are more common,the two types of equipment are more widely used.Is it 3R or 4R, which is better?For the same type of equipment, the output of 3R is higher than that of 4RR, but in the face of high hardness and humanity, 4R is better than 3R, and it is easier to grinding these materials. In addition, 4R Raymond has an advantage. When replacing a broken roller, 4R Raymond can remove two symmetrically and use two rollers for normal production.This is a characteristic that 3R does not have. The price of 4R Raymond Roller Mill is more expensive than 3R. We still need to choose the model that suits our needs based on the actual situation. As a professional Raymond Roller Mill manufacturer in China, we also recommend suitable model equipment according to the actual situation of the user.

Raymond Roller Mill

Raymond Roller Mill's smashing effect is achieved by means of suspension rollers, roller compactors and winnowing machines, the primary feed is performed once,the complete set of equipment is sealed strictly.This feature of Raymond Roller Mill makes it possible to replace the previous high energy consumption and high pollution milling equipment in a market environment where environmental protection requirements are becoming higher and higher.

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