The advantages of the high-pressure raymond roller mill

From : clirik    Date : 2016-01-20 10:53
high-pressure raymond roller mill
High pressure raymond roller mill is also called raymond mill,raymond roller mill, It has many advantages,low energy consumption, low unit steel consumption, large unit processing capacity, broken product particle size uniformity, small footprint, equipment operation rate and other characteristics, so widely used, and become more crushing less grinding technology trends. Compared with conventional mechanical raymond mill, high pressure raymond roller mill mainly has the following eight advantages:

1) high grinding efficiency, low energy consumption. Lower compared to the cone crusher, rod mill and ball mill, low energy consumption of about 20 to 50 percent. Production capacity of up to 1000 t / h, the system can extract yield 30% to 40%. high pressure raymond roller mill crushing unit energy consumption of materials about 1.0 ~ 3.0kWh / t, than the average crushing grinding units set low energy consumption 20% to 50%. Better energy conservation, and generate greater economic benefits.

2) good wear resistance. As a result of wear-resistant carbide squeeze a roll, good wear resistance. Such high-pressure raymond roller mill can be applied not only to crush cement and other relatively soft materials, but also become applicable for crushing iron ore and other hard materials, so that the application field is very wide. But also makes the working life greatly improved.

3) can be treated with higher water content, which will help form a more robust autogenous material pad, roll mill to improve the working conditions and the roll surface life. Such as grinding iron ore pellet feed preparation time, which can be up to 10% moisture.

4) high-pressure raymond roller mill compact, small size, light weight, easy for system reform, and the operation, easy maintenance, easy to achieve automatic operation and monitoring of the high-pressure raymond roller mill.

5) good production environment. Due to the high pressure raymond roller mill grinding principle using a laminated material being enclosed in a squeeze rollers and feed device, relying on static pressure grinding, this will not have a significant material impact and splash. So that the vibration and noise low.

6) crushing ratio, can be crushing, grinding process, replace the existing thick broken, thin broken and grinding operations, the ability to block 30 ~ 60mm of crushed ore to 3mm or less, which can be achieved before grinding lot tailing, is a system of grinding, beneficiation capacity can be greatly improved.

7) For the lean ore iron ore on very lean ore, table outside the mine, after a high-pressure raymond roller mill process can be shuffled around more than 50% in the former mill tailings, into the mill ore grade can be greatly improved. Original mill ore beneficiation capacity increased by more than 100%, a significant reduction in grinding power consumption, significantly reduce dressing costs.

8) using high-pressure raymond roller mill after grinding and polishing to achieve before the end, it can be thrown tailings tailings grade, coarse particles can be used as building stone or instead of river sand can also be fed directly into the waste rock yard, lower transport costs, while reducing the content of fine tailings, extending the life of tailings.

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