How to Reduce the Gypsum Raymond Mill Power Consumption?

From : clirik    Date : 2015-12-23 14:35
Gypsum Raymond Mill plays an important part in gypsum powder production industry. But it has one serious problem---it is well known that Gypsum Raymond Mill consume energy seriously, especially the electric power. And this problem directly affects the final profit. So the methods about how to reduce the Gypsum Raymond Mill power consumption are more and more popular.
How to Reduce the Gypsum Raymond Mill Power Consumption?

To solve this problem, we can pay attention to three factors: motor, Gypsum Raymond Mill and operation.

1. Select suitable Gypsum Raymond Mill motor
Most of Gypsum Raymond Mill use asynchronous motors, this kind of motors have two shortages. At one side, it cannot use variable frequency speed regulation, so it is not very economic. At another side, magnetizing electricity-current is provided by electric net, so the PF (power factor) is quite low and the electric power waste a lot. If it is possible, investors can choose advanced electric motor, the production cost will be obviously reduced if the PF can reach 0.99.

2. Operate Gypsum Raymond Mill in scientific way
Because Gypsum Raymond Mill is driven by electric motor, transmission devices consume lots of energy. Reducing the transmission consumption is very important. Usually, we suggest operators strictly obey the operation manual when they install Gypsum Raymond Mill. Also, new technology has been used in Gypsum Raymond Mill. Operators could consult manufacturers whether it is able to refit some parts. For example, the new scraping method is proven to save the electric power efficiently.

3. Keep good operation habit
a) The machine must be kept good lubrication status.
b) Replenish the metal balls in time
Because of friction, metal balls will be worn out someday, leading low grinding ratio and low production capacity. Only replenishing the metal ball in time can ensure high working efficiency.
c) Feed raw material in right method

In reasonable range, full-load Gypsum Raymond Mill  power is just increased 10% than that of non-load Gypsum Raymond Mill. So operators would better keep the feeding capacity, ensure it is 


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