How To Replace Raymond Mill Parts

From : clirik    Date : 2015-11-03 11:25
The main parts of Raymond mill is grinding roller, grinding ring, grinding roller assembly, the plum flower frame, air flue, coupling, perching knife and so on.
Raymond mill roller shell part is wearing part, so we must set up a structure can make timely, easily removed from the roll grinding machine body, so as to replace the Raymond mill wear parts, but also easily to replace and repair inspection on other parts inside the machine.
How To Replace Raymond Mill Parts
On the Raymond mill body design of a hydraulic structure, it can load effect, and can have the effect of remove roller.
Designed a kind spar part used to move the grinding head, such as MSD - loooYQ type disc roller mill is equipped with auxiliary parts.
Designed open or closed type structure open closed roller structure, such as the MSDB a 1000 y type opening and closing roller mill. About internal rotation the bearing chamber seal is also on the influence on grinding machine to work properly a big problem.
The main reason is that high temperature causes sealing material within the machine rapidly aging. Raymond mill machine other fine grain material can through cracks into seals cause rapid wear of seal failure.
Using gas seal, the sealing way for parts machining accuracy requirement is high, the manufacturing process of complex, equipped with a set of pipes and air compressor is needed. But this kind of sealing effect is good, long service life.
With the constant progress of science and technology, and the deepening research of this kind of raymond mill, now that is considered to be very complicated and difficult to solve the problem, must be able to get a satisfactory and practical answer.

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