Traditional Raymond mill exist the problems and shortcomings

From : clirik    Date : 2015-07-14 10:24
In recent years, along with a wide range of non-metallic minerals development in ultra-fine powder applications, the downstream business of metal products have become increasingly demanding, especially for the product fineness have higher requirements,now Clirik Machinery will analysis Traditional Raymond mill exist the problems and shortcomings 
Traditional Raymond mill exist the problems and shortcomings
1. Product fineness is low. Fineness of ordinary Raymond mill is generally less than 500 mesh, the fineness can not meet the future trend of ultrafine powder market.
2, the mechanical failure rate, high power consumption, noise, large emissions.
3, the system efficiency is low, the phone system separation effect of the product is not satisfactory, a large number of fines can not be effectively collected and recirculated in the system caused by power waste.
4, the host wind duct design errors, material into the grinding zone of larger particles and not enough time to grind pieces particles are often gathered in the snail tank ran into the tail wind, and continue to extend forward, so too gradually reduce the amount of wind, easy causing traffic jam, no powder or less flour, affecting production.
To solve these problems, meet market demand, many raymond mill manufacturers are Raymond traditional improved innovation. Despite the efforts of manufacturers by R & D personnel, these problems have some improvement, the new Raymond mill began to dominate the market. However, due to the different qualifications of various enterprises, new technologies in a limited scale, R & D capability is weak enterprises still can not be applied, therefore, to some extent, some problems still exist in the market of Raymond.
Clirik machinery as a professional raymond mill manufacturer, is committed to the development and improvement of raymond mill more than ten years, has strong technological strength and professional research institute grinding mechanism, strong technological strength to ensure that the Red Raymond Adaptability and broken grinding capacity of materials, has been unanimously welcomed by users. At present, Clirik grinding mill not only has the latest Raymond mill, as well as high-strength mill, high pressure micro powder grinding mill, three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding mill other grinding equipment, crushing to better meet the different users needs.

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