Raymond roller mill failure to make proper maintenance and repair

From : clirik    Date : 2015-04-27 16:07
Raymond roller mill in the new design has reasonable structure, small footprint, low power consumption, long operating life, and low cost of consumables, cost-effective advantages, which is widely welcomed by many users. Shanghai Cliriik Machinery Raymond roller mill has unparalleled advantages compared with the traditional Raymond roller mill.
When Raymond roller mill fails, what do we need to do? For professionals, it may go through the analysis to know the problems appear on the using Raymond roller mill. Without professional staff, how to do it? So, for the non-professional staff, we first have to understand the structure and properties of Raymond roller mill. Only have some knowledge on Raymond roller mill, can make the right for Raymond roller mill fault maintenance and repair.
Raymond roller mill host big noise and vibration associated with greater. For this case are generally the first stop power, then adjust the feeding amount, replacement blade replacement feed size, replace the roller, grinding ring. Such circumstances may be able to solve the above.
Raymond roller mill fan vibration, transmission and analysis sump fever, for this case, that quest for attention! First, remove the blade was accumulated powder or replace the blade, tighten the bolt. Second, we must check whether the oil grade and viscosity consistent with the requirements, inspection and analysis machine running direction.
Host current rise, machine temperature rises, the fan current decreases. Such cases are generally the first stop power, the power to detect whether it is stable. Then, feed rate reduction, removal of accumulated powder duct, open duct valves, temperature control material into the machine in the following 6 ℃ above this general situation can be resolved.
No powder or little low yields. Such seals are generally a problem, you should check and adjust the lock seal powder was found to be leaking at the blade, blade replacement. This can solve the above problem.
Finished powder is too thick or too thin. In this case solved, as long as the proper replacement blade length off a small amount of wind turbine solve too thick, too small to be the right amount of air volume increase of imports.
These are some common Raymond roller mill failures and practical solutions summarized by Shanghai Clirik Machinery, one of the leader Raymond mill manufacturer

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