Raymond roller mill bearing Hugging reason and solution

From : clirik    Date : 2015-03-31 10:15
Recently some manufacturers reflect Raymond roller mill bearing locking frequent situation, as one of Raymond mill manufacturer, we do not want to see such a situation, here we analyze the reason and solution to solve Raymond roller mill bearing hugging.
Raymond roller mill bearing locking means bearing rotation difficult, large friction rotation, main specific reasons are as follows:
1, bearing lubrication bad state, bearing a long time to work under the conditions of lack of oil or no oil will lead to greatly reduced the flexibility of bearing operation, the bearing slide difficulties;
2, sludge and excessive dirt in the bearing, since the bearing cavity foreign body occupies most of the space, and a smaller available space occupied by grease, resulting in poor lubrication bearing, the bearing is difficult to rotate.
3, the bearing clearance is too small, can lead to difficulties in bearing operation, the bearing locking.
The solution of Raymond roller mill bearing locking is to regularly add appropriate quantitative bearing lubricant, and to periodically clean the bearing cavity foreign bodies and impurities, but also appropriate to increase the bearing clearance, the bearing operating flexibility.


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