Which are Raymond wearing parts?

From : clirik    Date : 2015-01-29 16:21
Raymond Mill is mainly used in the work blade, roller, grinding ring with each other to achieve material crushing, therefore, blade, grinding roller and grinding ring of Raymond mill is important consumable equipment, only because they have a full understanding, in order to improve efficiency in the work, to maximize overall efficiency.
Raymond in daily life has become an important processing equipment, in the construction industry, the chemical industry and the coal industry have become indispensable processing equipment, along with the growing use of Raymond, Raymond growing customer purchases increase in customer inquiries recently shanghai Clirik staff, which are Raymond mill wearing parts?
Shanghai Clirik grinding mill plant technical staff will tell you which are Raymond mill consumables:
First: Raymond mill blade is mainly used for continuous shovel into the material between the roller and grinding ring, blade at the same time continue to scoop up material of different quality, hardness, friction materials for prolonged exposure to very vulnerable wear badly damaged blade will not scoop up the material, resulting in efficiency Raymond mill subject to a certain extent. Therefore, Raymond mill blade structure more good abrasion steel material, ensure the blade to achieve the longest life available.
Second Raymond mill grinding roller and grinding ring is broken pieces of the entire device, the material is fed between the roller and grinding ring after ring of grinding mill rolls for extrusion and rotation of forces and thus achieve meticulous crushing effect, it is grinding roller and grinding ring not only by the friction of the material, while its force by friction between them. When the grinding roller and grinding ring severe wear or uneven wear, it will also affect the production of fine material, fineness appear uneven. Manufacturing resistant steel materials in order to ensure product fineness, Raymond mill grinding roller and grinding ring are made of high strength and high toughness, making it wider applicability of a variety of materials all have excellent abrasive.
These are wearing parts Raymond mill: blade, roller, grinding ring.
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