200 mesh Talc Raymond Mill for Sale

From : clirik    Date : 2015-01-05 13:53
talc Raymond Mill

It is believe that many users are not familiar with talcum(talc) powder. Talc is a common building material, which is widely used in the decoration. Currently, the most used talcum powder fineness is about 200 mesh. What kind of equipment is more suitable for processing 200 mesh talcum powder?
Due to the hardness of talc, 200 mesh fineness is not too high, so we recommend that you use the Raymond mill for processing. Raymond mill processing talc no difficulty, flour fineness between 30-425 mesh.
In terms of production, processing talc Raymond mill can achieve relatively high yields. Currently, when medium-sized processing equipment talc production can reach about 10-15 tons, while production of large equipment can reach about 20-25 tons, to meet the needs of most users.
In order to allow users to understand the processing capacity of our Raymond mill, we can provide users free testing of the machine, users can bring the material to the factory test machine, I see for the processing capacity of the equipment and then decide whether to purchase.

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